everybody go home. this is the best one by far.Β 

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maury commercial breaks

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I was laying in a room that I pay for, minding my business and this little thing proceeded to come back and scoot me to the side and start talking about important things in life, like

  • Why Caleb is so bad and gets in trouble every single day. He gets his name on the board before lunchtime each day.
  • The fact that it is ok that she likes some boy things but she doesnt like all boy things. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avengers = good. Basketball and football like daddy = bad. In the last pic, she was counting the boy things that she likes and weighing them against the girl things she likes.
  • Why apples are good for you AND they still taste good. Apples taste great but you have to brush your teeth right after you eat one or else your teeth will feel funny, according to her. Also, her mom gets mad at her if she eats it all the way down to the core but dad doesnt care so she’s going to try to eat it until she sees the seeds.

These were all important things that she needed to talk about when I gave her the floor to discuss what was happening in her 5 year old life. And I’m grateful that this was all that needed to be talked about :)

soooooooo cute!!!!!

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